Side Effects: Death—Confessions of a Pharma Insider

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This book is dedicated to my daughter Lisa, who passed away in October, 2013, and to my family, who lost out on a family life with me because I was always absent, and to the countless victims of Big Pharma. This book is also dedicated to all children who will hopefully be spared the fate of becoming pill-popping guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical giants. I hope to make a contribution to this with my memoirs.

John Virapen with Mic

John Virapen is . . . the Big Pharma Insider

John spent nearly four decades plying his trade: helping to gain approval for infamous drugs like Prozac, sweet-talking doctors and their staff to accept his free samples of the latest concoction from his company, bribing opinion leaders and regulatory authority employees, all to get more drugs into the hands of patients, some drugs that came with deadly side effects.